San Francisco (SF) is a city in the state of California. It is an exciting city to live in due to the influx of tech companies in the area. People also love the beach and the availability of excellent foods on offer in hotels. It is an expensive city to live in since it has costly homes and condos. However, numerous neighborhoods are affordable in San Francisco. Here you will find affordable houses for sale in San Francisco and the best San Francisco homes for sale.

Outer Sunset

The Sunset neighborhood is excellent due to its proximity to the beach. It is a superb neighborhood suitable for families. It has affordable housing, a zoo, and parks making it the best if you have a baby or babies. Since cheap is not a term associated with san Francisco, the homes in this area offer great value for money. You can get homes going for $999000 to a maximum of $1.6M. If you are planning to raise kids in a safe and fun area, then the Outer Sunset is a great choice.

North Beach

San Francisco Homes for Sale

This neighborhood has a vibrant nightlife and is distinct due to its rich Italian heritage. In this neighborhood, you can get affordable San Francisco houses to move in with your family. The community is excellent for young professionals. If you are looking for great San Francisco homes for sale, then you need to have North Beach on your list. You can get homes going for as little as $500000 and as much as $3M depending on your bank account. There are beautiful Victorian homes and duplexes for you to choose in this serene neighborhood.

Lone Mountain

It is a small and lovely neighborhood in the suburbs of San Francisco. If you have a university student, then this is the best place as it near the University of Francisco. It is the main attraction for many who look for a home in Lone Mountain. The campus is on a hill offering fantastic views of the whole city. The majority of home styles are the ones built between 1920 and 1940. It is an excellent driving environment, which has a vibrant student lifestyle. There are charming family homes that you can choose, with the minimum price being $1M.

Bayview-Visitacion Valley

The neighborhood is on the southeast corner of the city. There are numerous reasons why this neighborhood is excellent. John McLaren Park is a massive draw for homeowners where you can play golf. Locals also love the park because of the adventure of long walks. There are several modern amenities, and the schools in the area are among the best in san Francisco. It is a great place to live if you’re single and also if you are planning to start a family. The San Francisco homes for sale in this part of the city offer excellent value. A four-bedroom home can go for $850000 while the more spacious apartments go for an estimated $1.3M.

Civic Center

The Civic Center neighborhood’s number one attraction is its central location. You get to shop in the nearby Union Station while getting the best public transportation. The F market car and subway are excellent for moving around in the neighborhood. There are a vibrant art and culture life in this neighborhood with the Historic war memorial opera house nearby. Here you will get a rich collection of San Francisco houses for sale, and you can get one for as little as $650000.

Inner Richmond

There is a residential vibe feel to this neighborhood home to a diverse community. The houses are affordable, too, in addition to several exciting features. There is a beautiful flower conservatory if you are a nature lover with the Japanese tea garden, a huge draw. You can find rentals for as little as $3000, and if you are looking for houses for sale in San Francisco, you can find one going for a minimum of $600,000.

The Haight

San Francisco

This neighborhood is the true definition of hippie culture. If you are a classic person and like the 1960s lifestyle, then this is the place for you. Here you will find an electric community that loves tattooing and vintage clothes. The restaurants are excellent and also the club life offers a great entertainment outlet. The Magnolia brewing location offers excellent homebrew services.

The neighborhood also offers maximum enjoyment if you love nature walks. The Shakespeare garden is a huge attraction for locals. To live in this neighborhood, you’ll need a minimum of $600,000 to buy a 2-bedroom home.

Outer Mission/Excelsior

The Outer Mission neighborhood is a home for low income to middle-income earners. It has one of the best weathers that you can get in San Francisco. Most homes were built in the 1950s, and you can get a vast collection of affordable apartments and duplexes. It is also ethnically diverse and bursting with families. Here you will get one of the best San Francisco homes for sale. You can find homes selling at $900,000. With the rest of the homes in other parts going for a lot more, you will get the prices were high for value.

South of Market

Locals call this neighborhood SoMa. It is changing rapidly with some of the traditional industrial areas being transformed into residential areas. It is one of the most accessible parts of San Francisco with a train station nearby. It has offices, bars, and restaurants, and beautiful condos. These properties are affordable with the median home value being $524,714. It is a great neighborhood where you can find the best houses for sale in San Francisco at affordable prices.

Bernal Heights

It is one of the best places to live in San Francisco. Most of the residents are homeowners. It has a vast collection of restaurants and bars with many young professionals living in the neighborhood. You own’t find a problem finding a school for your children as most public schools here rank higher than the national average. Th median home/house value is above $900,000 and you can find the coolest San Francisco houses in the area.

San Francisco continues to top the lists in high income home prices. However, you can still find affordable neighborhoods where you can settle with your family. The neighborhoods mentioned above are the most affordable in the city, but you will not miss out on the best features San Francisco has to offer.