If you are considering living in Arizona, Phoenix and Tucson are the two largest cities that you should consider. Although these cities are located about one hundred and twenty miles apart, each has its own distinctive characteristics. The majority of people who have stayed in both areas tend to prefer one over the other due to various reasons. Housing is one of the main differences between these two cities bordering the Sun corridor of Arizona. Here is an exclusive look at the differences between Phoenix and Tucson homes.

Houses for sale in Tucson are relatively cheaper than phoenix houses. Compared to Tucson, the overall cost of living in Phoenix is about four percent higher, and the housing is generally more expensive. As of May 2019, the housing cost in Phoenix was twenty-four percent more costly than Tucson’s homes. The lower cost of living in Tucson is attributed to its lesser population in comparison to Phoenix.

Both Phoenix and Tucson cities have desert, arid climates. However, these cities experience different climates because of their different altitude locality. The weather temperatures in Tucson are cooler year-round because of its higher elevation. This makes Tucson houses cooler than phoenix homes. In Phoenix, you should expect to experience warmer winters and hotter summers as compared to Tucson. This climate difference is a major contrast between phoenix and Tucson homes.

Houses in Tucson have better and incredible scenery than phoenix homes. You will enjoy sitting out on the patio and view the beautiful sceneries any time of the year. As compared to the congested phoenix city homes, Tucson city is located higher up and is not very congested. Some of the people prefer the Tucson AZ unique sceneries as a tourist destination rather than a residing place. The city of Tucson is smaller than Phoenix, which is mirrored by its sluggish growth. Generally, Tucson homes provide better landscape views than homes in Phoenix.

Most of the phoenix homes are built for commercial purposes while Tucson real estate is mostly constructed for residential or tourist attraction purposes. The higher population of Phoenix has elevated the cost of living in the area, and this has provided a perfect environment for businesses to flourish. On the other hand, Tucson has breathing taking views ideal for tourist attraction, which favors the building of reactional facilities and hotels. The building structure set up between these two cities is different as the buildings attend to various obligations.

People residing in Tucson homes are more likely to experience a better environment as compared to those living in phoenix homes. The city of Phoenix is experiencing a fast growth rate than Tucson, which has attributed to its increased emission of pollutants to the environment and bad air quality around the city. The environment of Tucson is considered to be less polluted; hence its homes have a cleaner and high-quality environment than phoenix homes.

The size of houses in Tucson is relatively bigger than houses in Phoenix. With the rising demand for housing and high congestion in Phoenix, phoenix houses are smaller. On the other hand, Tucson is sparsely populated, which leaves more space for exploitation, and hence the homes built are bigger than those built in Phoenix.

Another significant difference between phoenix and Tucson homes is that Tucson homes for sale are more dispersed in contrast to highly congested phoenix homes. The higher population in Phoenix attributes to the high housing demands of the city hence a higher and dense housing construction. The construction of houses in Tucson is lesser than in Phoenix, as most people go to the town for vacations rather than residential purposes. Tucson houses are scattered, whereas phoenix houses are congested.

Houses in Tucson are built mainly of pitched roofs. On the other hand, houses in phoenix city are constructed of flat roofs. These different house designs in the two cities take a significant consideration of the hot climate experienced in the surrounding. Phoenix homes are usually much warmer than Tucson homes. The flat roof construction for the houses in phoenix city is to help in sustaining its warmer climatic condition.

Most Tucson homes for sale do not have basements. This is because the city is mostly comprised of rocky plains of the desert that are expensive to dig through, making the majority of people avoid the construction of basements in this area. In contrast, most phoenix homes have constructed basements to make the best use of the space for the building. Homes in Tucson tend to have unique architectural considerations in their construction as compared to phoenix homes.

The cost of renting houses in Phoenix is higher than renting houses in Tucson. Tucson has a lower population than Phoenix, which leads to lower housing demand. On the other hand, phoenix city has a higher population and increased demand for house rentals leading to higher elevated costs. In general, the price of Tucson real estate is lower.

Houses for sale in Tucson have a limited variety of designs as compared to houses in Phoenix. Tucson city is smaller and has not been explored much. This makes most of the homes in Tucson to be a lot similar, unlike in Phoenix, where a variety of construction designs and styles have already been incorporated. Phoenix city is larger and has a broad range of architectural designs in terms of construction, materials and maintenance. Usually, most homes in Phoenix have a more advanced architectural style than homes in Phoenix.

Tucson homes for sale have bigger yards than homes in Phoenix. As previously stated, Tucson city has a lower population than Phoenix, which leaves a more abundant unexploited land. This attributes to the larger yards of Tucson homes which is a major consideration factor for people seeking to purchase a retirement home. Phoenix is a lot more congested and houses have limited area space. Tucson hence has more retirement homes than Phoenix due to the difference in yard space.

In conclusion, in comparing these two cities in Arizona, these are the differences between Tucson homes and phoenix homes. These differences are reflected in the different house structures in the two cities and the various factors that have influenced the housing development of the two cities. Having extended visits to each of these cities at numerous times of the year is the best way to feel which homes are the best between Phoenix and Tucson.