Getting the best home is one of the biggest priorities for many and, as such, seek to not only get the best deal out of their pockets but also a house that will be worth its price. While price and quality of house matters, an equally important factor to look at when searching for a home is the security, which for the most part, will depend on the neighborhood one moves into. This is especially important when looking for a house in Las Vegas, NV. Whether you’re a local or just moving in, knowing which neighborhoods in Las Vegas are the safest is crucial. This article will look into the safest neighborhoods in Las Vegas to make a home.

  • Summerlin

It is one of the newest and growing neighborhoods in Las Vegas. If you’re looking for Houses in Nevada with a suburban feel, then Summerlin is just the place for you. The new town is divided into two parts; Northern Summerlin and Southern Summerlin and a total population of around 46,000. Both places are also quite affordable, with plenty of gated communities that enjoy a twenty-four hour, seven days a week private security. Additionally, Summerlin is equipped with plenty of options for outdoors like Red Rock Canyon National Park for hiking and biking, Spring Mountains, etc. The neighborhood has also recently added amenities and facilities such as dining and shopping complexes that are good for families looking to move in.

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  • The city of Henderson

This city is a bigger version of Summerlin and is considered the prime Suburb of Las Vegas. Just like Summerlin, Henderson is blessed with two scenic national parks; Lake mead and Sloan Canyon. Henderson also has a high population of about 302,539 residents as of 2017To top this up, Henderson was is even considered by the FBI as one of the safest neighborhoods in America. The city has ample housing options, great places for shopping and eating, schools, and many other options you can get yourself into.

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  • The Lakes

With only a population of 29,173 people, The Lakes makes it to the list as one of the safest neighborhoods in. The Lakes also has that suburban touch, and most residents already own their homes. The community has excellent schools, amenities, and the best part is that the prices are very affordable. Transportation is also affordable with plenty of options ranging from Amtrak train stations, carpooling, buses, etc. most of which are about 20 to 30 minutes away from the city center.

If you’re also looking to sell your house, then The Lakes is also a great place with its low population but high demand; there is plenty of opportunities for property buyers and sellers.

  • The Strip (high-end)

This neighborhood, just like the name suggests, is one of the areas with high-end Houses in Nevada. If you’re into premium apartments, condos, and other fancy homes with ample space for parking, stylish amenities, then you’ll probably be right at home in The Strip. With just a population of about 12,912, The Strip community has just the right demographic for those who are not interested in crowded neighborhoods. As for transportation, there is a monorail and buses that all go downtown and usually take around 8 minutes.

  • Downtown Las Vegas

This neighborhood happens to be close to The Strip, but unlike The Strip, Downtown Las Vegas is characterized by high-rise apartments and plenty of historical buildings. This neighborhood is an excellent choice for singles and hipsters due to its reputation for tattoo parlors, restaurants, artisan furniture shops. Duet to its proximity and availability housing, Downtown Las Vegas boasts a population of over 60,000 residents. Despite this high population, the neighborhood is quite safe and has one of the lowest crime rates in the state. Transportation is also not an issue as buses are running throughout the town.

  • Anthem

If you’re looking for a close-knit neighborhood that is both safe and has affordable Houses in Nevada, then Anthem is the place for you. The community is relatively small, with a population of only about 8,000 residents. It doesn’t hurt that the neighborhood is also only 15 minutes away from the Las Vegas Strip. Anthem’s crime rate has also been recorded to be 70% lower than the national average, which makes it quite safe to live in.

The transportation situation in Anthem is also very good with access to carpool, busses, and trams.

  • Southwest

When it comes to Houses in Reno Nevada, Southwest ranks high as one of the safest neighborhoods in Reno city. The neighborhood is filled with lots of dining and shopping options such as Starbucks, Café Jefe. It also has a Golf Course making it one of the favorite places for retirees. Southwest also enjoys other features other than low crime rates such as dog friendly, low traffic, well-lit streets, and one can walk in at night, schools, etc. and a population of a little over 3000.

  • South Reno

South Reno has some of the best Homes in Reno Nevada, as well as excellent career opportunities, schools, and plenty of amenities for you and your family. The neighborhood has one of the lowest crime rates in Nevada, making it one of the best places for Houses in Reno Nevada, with a population of 21,203. South Reno also has great parks such as the Center creek park and Comstock park, plenty of complexes and fitness centers such as gyms, Transformation Gym, and peaceful streets.

  • South Central

Another great place to live in Nevada is the South Central and can also be considered as the best place for retirees to go live. The neighborhood has a population of over 25,000, is also great for both singles and families with their abundant amenities such as Meadowwood Mall, Bubble tea Station, etc. and affordable housing. South Central is also located not far away from downtown Reno which can be accessed by public transportation or if you have your own private means of transportation. The traffic is also light allowing for smoother travel in and out of the neighborhood.