Reno started as a result of its outstanding location along River Truckee. Settlers came to this spot because crossing the river was more comfortable from this position during the 1840 gold rushes. Settlers started investing in property in this spot in 1959 when Comstock Lode was founded in the city of Virginia. A community was first established in 1868 when a railway reached Reno.

In 1885, the University of Nevada was established in the land facing the town. The university and the town’s emphasis on trade assisted Reno to acquire its nickname of the biggest little city in the globe – which refers to its diverse, cosmopolitan amenities regardless of its initial size and isolation, especially in the 19th century.

Large numbers of individuals started making their way to the city in the early 20th century due to its reputation in processing divorce cases fast. When gambling was legalized in Nevada in 1931, Reno established the casino resort and hotel strategy that spread quickly all over the rest of the world. The backbone of the economy of the town became gaming, entertainment, and tourism.

Investing in Reno, Nevada, property can be an excellent way to diversify and boost your portfolio. Property investment is usually overlooked, and it can become an exceptional asset. If you wish to start your investment journey or find better ways to diversify, real estate can be an excellent way for you to go.

Should I sell My House in Reno Nevada?

In this article, we will take you through some pros and cons of selling your house in Reno, Nevada, to assist you in answering the question of “should I sell my house in reno Nevada?”


1. Job opportunities in Reno are increasing

Gaming and hospitality industries are still the top jobs in Reno, but there is an increasing focus on clean energy, startups, and tech industries in the area. Apple and Microsoft have already set up their merchandise in the town. So, the demand for housing is increasing, which means that you can sell your home in reno nevada at a significant price that can get you a better home in some other place.

2. The schools in the area provide exceptional learning opportunities at every level of study

There are plenty of great learning centers in Reno, Nevada, some of them even rank among the best in the entire country. The student to teacher ratio is also healthy in the city, which attracts many people to become residents of the area. Houses in nevada cannot accommodate all these incoming populations, which increases the demand for housing in the area. That means that you can sell a home in Reno at a higher cost than usual. The profit earned can be utilized to fund other investment opportunities.

3. Buyers will have access to various cultural experiences

The place has excellent places for an adventure like parks, museums, and gallery showcases for people who live there. Because of the Casino and Hotel culture, the cost of houses tends to be expensive due to the lucrative lifestyle of the residents. That is something you can take advantage of and sell your home to make a profit.

4. There are several festivals to attend when living in Reno Nevada

There is at least one major community event that happens in Reno every month throughout the year. Some of them last for a whole month, like the Artown Arts and Cultural Festival that happens every July. Homes in reno Nevada are not sufficient to sustain the populations of the increasing number of individuals who want to a home in the city. That makes selling your house an excellent way to earn extra income from your home.

5. The city is a few hours from various memorable experiences

It only takes a few hours to travel from Reno to San Francisco and Lassen National park. Houses in reno Nevada are insufficient to withhold the increasing demand for housing in the area. Therefore, you can consider selling your home at a profit and use this money for investment or personal expenses.

6. The rate of crime in the area is low

The low crime rate in the city and its suburbs makes houses in reno Nevada more valuable as it is an excellent place to raise a family as well as a great place to live.

7. Individuals are generally nice

The people in this city are genuinely nice, which makes it an ideal place for anyone to live. If I sell my house fast for cash, I am likely to earn a high profit that I can use to purchase another valuable home elsewhere or invest in other profitable businesses.

8. The town Has Manageable traffic

The manageable traffic saves time when you want to reach your destination. It is easy to navigate through the town and its suburbs, which is very crucial for working residents as it saves them a lot of time. That makes property investment in the area expensive,

9. Reno provides a reasonable housing market

The median value of a home in Reno currently is about $372,000, according to a research conducted by Zillow. You can sell your house and use the profit for other monetary needs.

10. The city has incredible outdoor adventures

Most people love outdoor adventures, and that makes Reno an excellent place to live, which increases the demand for homes in the area. So, you can sell your home at a significant price here.


1. Property crime and fraud are widespread in the city

The rate of property crime in the city is higher than the country average. So, there is a chance that you can sell your home to a fraudster, which can cost you a lot of money to reclaim.

2. There is limited public transport outside the city center

If your home is not located around the city center, it could cost significantly less than a similar home that is located in the city center due to limited public transport.

3. The gambling element in the city can be disadvantageous

The gambling nature of the city can make some people aggressive when they want something, especially after losing money. So, you can find some people selling property at cheaper costs than yours to fund their gambling addiction.

4. There are fewer job opportunities in the area

Reno city is expanding rapidly, and some exceptional construction and healthcare jobs are increasing, but there is no wide variety of jobs in the area. That can make the cost of houses in the area to be less than in other similar metropolitan areas.

5. The place has cold winters

Individuals who love warm places might not like Reno. That reduces the demand for houses in the area during this season, which significantly reduces the cost of selling your home.

6. A lot of laws and regulations affect the sale of property in the town

The local and state laws concerning selling property in Reno Nevada make houses less affordable for buyers in the town as builders and developers find themselves being forced to charge more on their properties.

7. Slower Appreciation

The value of a home does not increase quickly around Reno Nevada. That means you can sell your house after several years and still make a less significant profit.

8. You might need to fix the damaged parts

Fixing the damaged parts of your home might cause you a lot of money and time. As a seller, you will often try to increase the price to cover the repair costs, which can make the purchaser feel difficulty buying from you.

9. You might need a real estate agent to do the marketing for you

You may need to contact a real estate agent to sell your home for you, and that requires you to consider some factors as some can be fraudsters.

10. Competition

Reno reals estate market is very competitive, and you might find yourself being forced to reduce your listing for you to get customers fast.