Everyone relocating in the US will get stuck choosing between San Diego and San Francisco. Both places are some of the coolest places in American soil. There are some differences between these two great places. Well, let us analyze them in further detail here and help you out of this great dilemma.You have the right material at hand.

San Diego Homes In a Nut Shell

San Diego area is known all over the world for its bristling beaches, bluish skies, and modern amazing lifestyle. It counts as one of the best west coast living. What makes San Diego living outstanding is its natural and suitable weather conditions ideal all year round profiling it as a great place to consider for your new residence. With scenic hilarious views over the Pacific Ocean, trails, tide pools, waves over the ocean and tantalizing spots, San Diego living makes it a paradise in one corner of the earth. San Diego is the second-largest city in California with a modern and world-class lifestyle ranging from endless entertainment, dining, great retail businesses blossoming from every corner of the town. Talk about a sprawling city and homes in American California. 

It is graced with excellent social amenities that you would want to have your family and yourself enjoy in your new life here in San Diego. Great views and entertainment encompassing these homes in San Diego makes them some of the most preferred homes to reside in America. Everyone dream of having a home in this corner of paradise on earth to live life in its full fun, splendor, self-growth, and development and fulfillment for your generations 

San Francisco Homes in a Nut Shell

San Francisco is an overwhelming place for you and your family to reside in. it has a conservative space making everything and everywhere feel fresh and spacious. And you know everyone loves fresh and cool residences. 


San Diego

San Diego is a populous part of America with approximately 420,000 people according to recent statistics. Age ranges from 25 to 34 years. 34 to 45yrs count as number two in demographic analysis.

San Francisco

San Francisco is more populated than San Diego with numbers climbing to approximately 885,000 people most of who are aged between 25 to 34 years. Those between 34 to 44 years are the second largest group in numbers.

Cost Of Living

San Diego

The cost of living in San Diego is relatively low. A comfortable and satisfactory lunch in San Diego will cost you an estimate of $16. For fast-food restaurants, you will spend an approximate of $8 a rate proven to be very affordable to most classes of people in the US. 

San Francisco

In San Francisco, the cost of living is slightly higher than that in San Diego. A lunchtime meal in San Francisco will cost you about $17while a meal at a fast-food restaurant will cost about $9 a rate relatively higher than that in San Diego.

Home Prices by Average

San Diego

San Diego homes are relatively expensive. Be it rentals or owning one. The last 20 years have witnessed a progressive increase in the costs of acquiring a home. Rental fees equally escalated within the same time. The home will go for an approximate figure of $626,000. Compared to other parts of America such as Los Angeles for instance, this figure is higher by $50,000.

San Francisco

San Francisco homes are way too expensive as compared with San Diego. At an approximate of $1,360,000, you acquire a home; an enormous amount. This value has been appreciating in recent years by a 3% rate. The same is anticipated to depreciate by a 1% rate a reasonable percentage in a few years.


San Diego

For a one-bedroom apartment in San Diego, one has to pay approximately $1560. With a slight variation, one will pay up to $2.00 for a two-bedroom apartment. Three bedroom apartments go up to $3000. Honestly, renting in San Diego is considerably expensive even though renting is far much cheaper compared to owning one.

San Francisco

A one-bedroom apartment here will cost you a rental fee of up to $3600 while a two bedroomed house will go up to $4690

Compared to San Diego, it is apparent that renting a room in San Francisco proves far much expensive. 

San Diego Real Estate

The following current real estate homes San Diego shows the profile of real estates in San Diego of late.

Sierra Homes

Priced at $495,490

Specifications of the home

1354 Mesquite Dr. Vista, 

CA 92083

(760) 542-6101

New 3-bedroom Homes 

Dimensions: 1679ft -1913 ft.

Viewpoint Homes

Priced from $ 474,490

Home specifications

342 Fitzpatrick Rd.

#107, San Marcos, CA 92069

(760) 304-9292

2 New 2 and 3 Bedroom Homes

Dimensions: 1237-1455

San Francisco Real Estate

Zillow has 629 homes for sale in San Francisco on CA matching.

There is a wide array of homes to acquire available depending on the affordability if the buyer and interests. Below are some of the new and hot real estate’s displays in San Francisco

A 4 bedroom home costs $25,000, 000 with 5465 square feet. It varies depending on the location of the home. 

San Diego vs. San Francisco Real Estate

Time on Market

On Median Time Market, the CAR market lists San Francisco at 20.9 while San Diego has an approximate of 24.1. Lack of available land in these counties is a big issue challenging the real estate sector as fast as the two counties’ homes are concerned. 

Big or Small, Old or New

San Diego leads in the subcategory of housing with either nine or more houses a figure that accounts for 9.2% of total homes. San Francisco has 4.5% according to statistics. In a nutshell, San Diego which is relatively younger as compared to San Francisco is growing budding suburbs with larger homes as compared to San Francisco.

Varying Demographics

San a 21.7% under 18 population compared to 12,3% San Francisco’s. San Diego population is approximately 36.1% while San Francisco’s is 41.5%. This demographic variation has a great impact on the real estate, rental and cost of home acquisition in the two areas. It looks like the housing market and real estate in San Diego are still staggering behind as compared to San Francisco’s which is way forward in real estate and housing markets.