Living in a cheaper place is a good thing that you will all agree with me. Los Angeles is a famous city in California and the second-largest city in the United States, known for many things. Yes, it is true that Los Angeles is an expensive place, but despite this fact, there are cheaper and affordable neighborhoods to live in this city. There are still many Los Angeles houses for sale!

Finding a suburb to stay in Los Angeles that is safe and as well cheap is quite challenging. This is so, especially when you are not familiar with this city and you don’t know what to consider to determine the affordability. This article will provide a detailed list consisting of ten cheap cities and suburbs, to live in and within Los Angeles out of the seventy-nine suburbs located in or near the big city Los Angeles. With that being said, the houses for sale in Los Angeles may be cheaper than those closer another city.

These cities might not be the best places to be in Los Angeles, but they are worth the sacrifice for cheaper daily groceries and more space. There are many factors to consider when determining the cheapest place. They include the ratio of rent to income, the cost of living, Los Angeles real estate price rate, the median salary, the cost of sales of houses in Los Angeles among others. Another important factor we considered when choosing these cities is the population factor based on the previous US census done in 2013.

Factors like median salary/income refer to the middle amount of income in a given population when their income figures are arranged in ascending order. The ratio of rent to income is simply the fraction of your salary that is used to pay rent.

Fashion District

Fashion District is located in the downtown of Los Angeles. It is a city that is well known as a warehouse, distribution center, and a source of clothing as well as the textile industry around Los Angeles. This city consists of over ninety warehouse blocks for both retail and wholesale. Fashion District is the main clothing industry around the west coast region of the US.

Fashion District has a resident population of 2,466 and with a cost of living index at 98. This is the lowest cost of living index in the neighborhoods of Los Angeles. The median salary comes at $39,866 with a median house value of $89,350. The ratio of home value to income is 2.2 being the cheapest while that of rent to income is 0.025.

Panorama City

Panorama City is one of the suburban neighborhoods in Los Angeles city. It is located in the San Fernando Valley with the highest population being in the youth age. The distance between this city and Los Angeles is 18.9 miles by road. It has a resident population of 39,335 with a living index of 132.

The median gross income in this city is $66,293, with a current median house sale at $360,041. The ratio of house value to income is at 5.4 while that of rent to income comes at 0.02. This means that Panorama City is a cheap neighborhood to live in Los Angeles.

Lakeview Terrace

Lakeview Terrace has a residential population of 14,460. The value of the living index is 125 making it the 14th cheapest city. The crime rate in this city goes at 2,092 per 100,000 people. This is quite a low figure to be termed as an unsafe place to stay. The gross median salary for the Lakeview Terrace residents is $63,338 and the median value for houses for sale is $310,747. The house value to salary ratio comes at 4.9 while the ratio of median rent to income is 0.018.


This is a downtown commuting city from Los Angeles that is approximately 20 miles from Los Angeles. It has a population of 91,994 peoples. The median home affordability ratio relative to the median income is 4, hence cheap and affordable. The median gross income is $72,235 and the ratio of house rent to income is 0.018.

The fact that Carson city is close to Los Angeles makes it consist of many amenities just at your doorstep. Carson City also consists of public transportation services as well as taxi services. This makes commuting easy and cheap for you despite not having a personal car. The median age in this city is 33 years.


Norwalk City is the city with the second-highest median salary values with the value being $60,770. The median house value is $315,500. Norwalk City has a good infrastructure with many transport services including the Norwalk bus services and Los Angeles Metro services. This city forms the hub for the Cerritos College that accommodates 23,000 students. Norwalk City has a population of 105,940 peoples. The distance from Los Angeles to Norwalk City is 26 km that is approximately 25 minutes’ drive.

Baldwin Park

The city of Baldwin Park has a population of 75,933 residents. The affordability factor for median home to median income is 16. The median rent value in Baldwin Park is 35.6 percent. The city is located in the valley of San Gabriel. The distance from Baldwin Park to Los Angeles is 26 km or 16 miles by air. The town initially started as a ranch and then later developed into a modern industrial town.


This is one of the cheapest Los Angeles neighboring suburbs to live in. Lancaster City has a population of 157,368 peoples making it one of the most populated suburbs in Los Angeles. The median income value is $50,193 while the median house value comes at $159,200. Lancaster is located in a region known as Antelope Valley and is among the main cities in this region. The city is located in the downtown direction from Los Angeles with an approximate distance of 60 miles. The city has a number of outdoor activities and attractions to engage in like the Tehachapi mountains.


Crenshaw city is a city in the south of Los Angeles that lies between Wilshire Boulevard and Palos Verdes Peninsula. The distance between Crenshaw and Los Angeles is about 23 miles. The city has a population of 26,759 peoples. The people living in this town are mainly in the middle class as well as the lower class. The median income in this city is $53,326, while the median house value for people living in this city is $326,642. The ratio of the median rent to median income is 0.017 which is quite cheap and affordable.


This city is located at a distance of 15 miles by air and 19.5 miles by road from Los Angeles in the northwest direction. The Sunland suburb has a population of 19,165 residents. Sunland is one of the cities that attract quite high incomes with the median earning is $67,316. The median house value as per the Los Angeles real estate is $399,675, while the median rent to the median earnings ratio is 0.015.

West Hills

This is the last cheapest and affordable suburb in this article to live in neighboring Los Angeles. The distance from this town to Los Angeles is 48 km drive and 40 km by air. West Hills City is located on the western side of the Valley of San Fernando region. It has a population of 31,007 residents. This city has quite a high median house rate that comes at $619,850, but on the other hand, the median attracted income is $109,439 making it quite cheap to afford a home. The ratio of the median rent to the median income is 0.015.


The above list consists of some of the cheapest suburbs to live in around Los Angeles. As we mentioned at the beginning of this article, Los Angeles is one of the most expensive places to live in California as well as some of the neighboring suburbs. But this should not discourage you from reaching your dreams of living in Los Angeles.