Finding the ideal place to raise your family requires precision, especially in a large city. San Diego is home to diverse neighborhoods hence the need for precision in choosing a home for your family. Before you rush into moving with your family to San Diego, you should take a closer look at the available neighborhoods.

This article highlights ten of the safest neighborhoods for new parents in San Diego.

1. Carmel Valley

This locality is made up of tract houses dating back to the mid-1980s. It is an ideal place for parents owing to the high-ranking public schools, thus guaranteed quality education for their children. The home prices are relatively lower as compared to the prices of houses for sale in San Diego. Carmel Valley is also a recreational place, as supported by the vast number of restaurants, top-notch fitness studios, and a luxury cinema. The area is secure, with crime levels being less as per the national statistics on crime rates.

2. Del Mar Mesa

Del Mar Mesa is one of the best neighborhoods for new parents in San Diego with affordable homes. The region ranks as one of the best residential areas in California. The suburb area that lies along the coastline of California and an extensive cover of green vegetation provides an exclusive environment. Families residing in the area have the opportunity of spending unlimited time on the beach on weekends. The region reports very few rates of crime around the year. Schools in the locality are ranked highly in producing all-rounded students.

3. Hillcrest

Hillcrest is an ideal location for a new family that embraces diversity and believes in equal rights for all. The neighborhood is the headquarter of San Diego’s LGBTQ community. You can also enjoy meals at restaurants that specialize in the preparation of ethnic cuisines. The available homes are beautifully crafted in the Spanish style and other old and new school designs accounting for some of the best houses in San Diego. You can make your weekends unique by getting fresh produce from the Hillcrest farmers market, mainly on Sunday. You can spend time with your family on weekend visits to the San Diego Zoo or Balboa Park that are close by.

4. Fairbanks Ranch

This area is divided into two segments by the San Dieguito Road. Fairbanks Ranch is a fairly large area that contains a pristine lake placed on its shores and seventy-five acres of parks and grounds. This place consists of the San Dieguito Union High School District and thus a proper place for education and also co-curricular activities. The place is also safe for family and self in terms of security, with numbers showing the crime rate in the area lower than the national averages. You should visit Fairbanks if you are looking to buy a house in San Diego.

5. Coronado

Coronado is a welcoming community for a young family looking to rent in a diverse locality. You will find that Coronado is ideal for a family that is looking to rent. More than half of Coronado are renters with an average rent of $2,268. The neighborhood ranks above average in terms of security with reports of minimal crime. Coronado schools are also ideal for kids from diverse backgrounds. The area is made unique by the Peninsula with water on three sides. The city is also connected by highways and interstates that connect to downtown easily.

6. Solana Beach

Solana is highly recommended as an ideal neighborhood taking over the San Diego Real Estate industry. Solana Beach is home to a small population, making it ideal for keeping a low profile from the busy city. You can spend more time with your family over the weekends along the beach. Schools within the area are remarkable in their provision of quality education for children from diverse backgrounds. The region reports minimal crime rates making it uniquely qualified for the raising of a family. Unemployment and poverty rates are very low in the area.

7. Encinitas

Encinitas is acclaimed as one of the top twenty surf towns worldwide as per the National Geographic. This is one of the popular beach cities in the North County extent of San Diego alongside six miles of the pacific coastline. Encinitas is ideal for children and family owing to its beach, amenities, and its diverse culture. This area consists of four schools that have been named as National Blue-Ribbon Schools by the Education Department within the Encinitas Union High School District. Security is also good in this place with crime rates rating significantly lower as compared to the national average.

8. Carlsbad

It would be best to consider moving with your family to Carlsbad as you plan on relocating to San Diego. The neighborhood is unique as it delivers a landscape that is comprised of extensive coastlines and mountains. You get the chance to enjoy life in the countryside with your family in peace. Safety and crime rates of Carlsbad are ranked above average, making it safe for new families. Homes are available at affordable prices for the new professionals and retirees. Rent is relatively higher, but premises are built with state-of-the-art technology. Residents are highly educated, with more than a third of the population being holders of bachelor’s degrees.

9. Torrey Hills

Torrey Hills is found in the northern parts of San Diego. The area is ideal for a new family looking to settle in a neighborhood that delivers an urban feel. Torrey Hills is suitable for a new family looking to purchase rather than renting. Residential areas are also available at affordable charges for rent. Your children can attend the high ranking public and private schools in Torrey Hills. Your family is assured of security as the area reports low crime rates. Poverty and unemployment rates rank very low in Torrey Hills.

10. Poway

Poway is an area located in the north-east of San Diego county. Poway city consists of over fifty-five miles of an assortment of parks and trails for your pleasure. The outstanding Poway Unified Schools District boasts of twenty elementary schools, six middle schools, and four high schools; hence education is available for children here, and other educational programs ideal for the working class are also available. Poway city is also a secure place, and safety is guaranteed with lower crime levels in comparison to the national averages.

The list above highlights ten of the best neighborhoods for new parents in San Diego. The areas listed above are ideal for they are secure and rank highly in the provision of quality education. You can use the article as a checklist as you plan to make a move to San Diego.